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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Masked Rider Hibiki (DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2015-05-20, 14:10 UTC
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Torrent description:

New raws for Masked Rider Hibiki. These are 60fps to take full advantage of Hibiki being shot with 30i cameras.

Includes all content from the 12 DVD volumes, the movie director's cut DVD and bonus disc, and they Hyper Battle Video.

Video: 10-bit x264
Audio: AAC 50%
Source: DVD9 (volumes, movie DC), untouched DVD5 (HBV, bonus disc)

As mentioned, most stuff is encoded at 60fps. The movie and trailer are 24fps (what with being a movie). Also, most of the second opening (eps 34-47) is 24fps as well, as it was shot using the new cameras that Toei would use for Kabuto through Fourze.

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