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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Babel_II (DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2015-06-14, 02:14 UTC
Submitter:FortMax [Subscribe]Seeders:2
Stardom:Only 4 fans.File size:7.7 GiB
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Torrent description:

New raws for Babel II. Includes all 39 episodes, the series preview, and a collection of character models.

Video: 10-bit x264
Audio: AAC
Source: DVD9

These DVD seem to use digital film transfers, but there's occasionally a combed frame (no idea why, since the whole thing's in 24fps mode on the DVD, but it's a thing this does), and some places where the chroma looks like it's blended.

Possibly Toei's fault, possibly Geneon's fault.

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User comments:

2015-06-14 at 12:16 UTC
many thanks! does anyone know where to get the bluefixer versions of the first few episodes of this so i can't get the subs from their version (all the torrents seem to be dead)? this encode is far superior to the bluefixer rips - wish bluefixer had finished to series so i could add subs to this version. eternal thanks to bunny hat! excellent encoding!!!
2016-10-12 at 23:56 UTC
bluefixer's release here
but you can only download 5 episodes per day there, unless you're a donating member.
Can anybody help download ep. 4 onward and link me the subtitles?
I already got 1 to 3.
I'll mux the subs to this release when I have free time.

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