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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Kamen Rider Gaim (BD + DVD) (1080p,10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2015-06-19, 03:01 UTC
Submitter:FortMax [Subscribe]Seeders:3
Stardom:Only 3 fans.File size:100.71 GiB
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Torrent description:

New raws for Kamen Rider Gaim.

Includes all content from the following:

All 12 TV volumes
Gaim/Wizard movie wars + bonus disc
ToQger/Gaim Spring Break Special
Heisei VS Showa Super Hero Wars + bonus disc
Gaim Summer movie (SOCCER SOCCCER SOCCER) + bonus disc
Gaim Side-Story: Zangetsu and Baron + bonus disc

Hyper Battle Video
Gaim Special Event
Super Hero Festival 2014
Gaim Final Stage and Cast Talk Show
Music Arms (music video collection)

Not included:
Gaim Side-Story Duke and Knuckle (It isn't November yet)
Making-of DVD for the summer movie (All content from that is included in the Making-Of Supplement from the movie bonus disc)
Toei Hero Club recap DVDs. (they're exclusive recap DVDs)

Video: 10-bit x264 (BD content is 1080p, DVD content is 480p)
Audio: AAC

Note: Heisei vs Showa and the Hyper Battle Video both use editions to handle the different endings.

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User comments:

2015-06-19 at 16:25 UTC
This is definitely too big, both spacewise and processor wise, for me at least. Is there any hope for a 720p or 360/480p release of this?
2015-06-22 at 19:40 UTC
Yeah, definitely want to get the (at leat) 720p version if possible.
2015-06-24 at 14:09 UTC
Sorry. I have no plans to do a 720p or SD version.
2016-09-16 at 09:10 UTC
I Like 1080p <3 thankyou FortMax !

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