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I am defeated.

To-Y is one of my all-time favorites. I am the proud owner of a To-Y laserdisc – one of the rarest and most valuable laserdiscs ever made. Back in the 1990s, a To-Y laserdisc would fetch over $600 on the open market. My To-Y laserdisc has been autographed by storyboardist Yuzo Sato, and as such I have no idea what it is worth. And I never intend to find out, as my autographed To-Y laserdisc will only be pried from my cold dead fingers. It currently hangs, framed, in my dining room, along with a number of other autographed LDs.

Being that this title is so rare, I wanted to do my bit towards preserving it. I wanted to compress it in x265 and make a softsub version of it, with switchable music subtitles, similar to how I did Love Live Alive.

Alas, it was not to be. To-Y is exceptionally difficult footage to work with. It has the worst case of the rainbows I have ever seen, and is full of very fine lines and very bright washed-out scenes – intentional, unlike the rainbowing issue. I managed to clean up most, but not all, of the rainbows, but the end results... eh. I just could not make a version that looks anything near as good as what the To-Y Restoration Committee did many years ago. Their version is compressed in x263, and it looks marvelous. Its hardsubbed, and they made some choices with the script I would not have made, but so it goes.

You win, To-Y RC. Good job, and thank you.

As such, I am just releasing this in straight DVD format – hopefully somebody more talented than I can take a crack at this someday.

BTW, I also own a full set of the To-Y manga, and am willing to sacrifice it if anybody is into slicing it up and scanning it. Contact if you're into that.

Someday I'd like to be able to put together some sort of Ultimate To-Y package, with the OVA, all the manga, the soundtrack (which I own on vinyl, along with the related singles) just everything.

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