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Name:[PPP-Raw] Oz 1-2 (v2.0)Date:2015-07-19, 19:32 UTC
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Torrent description:

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Oz 1-2 (v2.0) (RAW video v4.0 under my old numbering scheme, just ignore that shit I guess)


Plot synopsis:

World War Three began on October 15th, 1990, and the world was bathed in nuclear fire. Thirty-one years have passed, but the Earth is not recovering – the desert is expanding, swallowing up the few remaining survivors.

Felicia Epstein has a vision for humanity’s future – but first, she wants to find her missing brother, Leon. She hires a mercenary, Sgt. Muto, to assist her. Leon Epstein has established a hidden high-tech enclave called “Oz,” and he is looking for his sister to help him expand his own vision to the rest of the world. But the rest of the world may not want what Leon has to offer…

Project notes (v2.0)

The first version of this was one of my earlier video captures, and mistakes were made. For starters, I was capturing at an incorrect IRE level at that point, making an already visually dark OVA even darker. I also encoded at an incorrect framerate – it seemed reasonable at the time.

In this version, I have captured at the correct IRE level, and applied a gamma tweak as well. Oz is still dark as all hell (both visually and tonally), but there is now dark color in what were formerly pools of utter blackness. And, needless to say, the framerate is now correct.

I did some experimenting with x265, using IFME ( but it didn't go so well. The Linux version goes through all the motions, and then generates no output whatsoever. The Windows version crashes the instant encoding begins. Oh well, so much for that, maybe I'll try again some other year.

In the meanwhile, I've used tried-and-true x264, and have included an unfiltered maximum-bitrate DVD in case x265 ever gets it shit straight.

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2015-07-19 at 22:07 UTC
Now capturing: Ehrgeiz 1-12. Will probably be a few weeks before that's ready.

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