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Name:[PPP-Raw] Ear of the Golden Dragon 1-2Date:2015-09-20, 04:09 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Ear of the Golden Dragon 1-2


What would you do if you had all the luck in the world? Hang out at the casino? That's small potatoes. How about taking on a clan of sex ninjas to save the woman you love? Ah, that's the ticket!

T.H.E.M. Anime reviews gave this one whole shiny star, and based on what the reviewer has to say they only gave them that because they don't have zero stars as a rating. Well fuck THAT guy's opinion! I think this one is pretty solid. It isn't super deep or anything, but I think its a good hour's worth of entertainment.

Laserdisc jacket and inlay scans are included, as well as an unfiltered DVD conversion for archival purposes.

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2015-09-20 at 19:04 UTC
Thank you.

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