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Name:[SFIAS] Medarot Ep 07-08 v1Date:2015-10-05, 07:48 UTC
Submitter:nintendino [Subscribe]Seeders:Status unknown (0)
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Torrent description:

Double release! Get ready for a ghost story and a love story.
As always tell me if you find anything wrong.

There might be a little sync problem with the subs and the audion, not sure why but aegisub is kinda acting up: I'll see what I can do to fix this.

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2015-10-06 at 00:26 UTC
Hey there. Thanks for subbing this anime. I always wanted to see it in its original form, with english/portuguese subtitles.
Speaking of languages, if you think you still need a proofreader and if knowledge of english grammar is the only requirement, I think I may be able to fulfill the task. :D
I just don't know how to work with subtitle editing software.
And thanks again for the awesome work with Medarot. You're doing great! Keep it up, if possible. :)
2015-10-09 at 17:21 UTC
Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for your support.
For now I should be okay, I already have three different proofreaders so I think there shouldn't be need for more. If I even need more assistance though, I will know who to ask for help!

If you did find some errors in the recent files, tell me though so I'll get them fixed.
2015-10-10 at 04:45 UTC
Three proofreaders? Cool! You guys will surely do an awesome job. I'm rooting for you. :D

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