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Name:蒼の彼方のフォーリズム Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Drama CDs [FLAC]Date:2016-01-10, 07:59 UTC
Submitter:yuyukos [Subscribe]Seeders:3
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Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Drama CDs [FLAC]

Since the anime is going to start airing soon, I've ripped Drama CDs 1-6. I don't have my copy of the c89 CD yet, and the PS Vita CD is releasing 2/25.
I'm too lazy to mp3 these.

ddl links:
1 -!LBV2TZQJ!V0Lz9PnVYTxXuIhaJ6AcQ5YLzbCh60_yjLtm7JLroHg
2 -!qUMXCK7Y!TCtlnkYVYWZMH4Hh1mbICg5Y3FYxfy8y5JU3a12qmxY
3 -!TN8SkQoI!HU1ylWpGK9487tsewUhhjhb-SvR9y4fmGNKchaL0f6o
4 -!fREDwAbL!3Got5K4F44R34kDjlOyAhFCw6yAcBQzwhf6oRlglJXk
5 -!DVNHFawB!3vRkvy0KEvGJiBTAU1-3EWTyb_0AU8fySGp-Z_iUHtg
6 -!3dEX1BRJ!azXPslF2Pa0RroZoyU0iISkOWX4NtFyEKcPbXuGrMWc

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