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Name:[PPP-Raw] Condition Green 1-6Date:2016-02-15, 01:07 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Condition Green 1-6


Special note:

Orphan Fansubs is looking to subtitle this title, but needs a translator for it - and a few other potential projects. They're looking for translation checking on a few other scripts as well. Check for details.

Project notes:

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of the holiday, PPP presents another tale of war and destruction! Here's the English language text right off the cover of the LD boxest:

"Long ago in the galaxy of Inpherius there was a war. Vince, the evil emperor of the planet Gyazaria has already gained control of two planets, Kal and Granad. Using his superior technology and powerful army, he plans to invade his next target, Emerald Earth. As Emperor Vince makes plans to attack Emerald Earth, a group of elite freedom fighters are preparing for battle. These elite warriors are Kiese, Gyolge, Edward, Yang and Shou. Officially, they are 'Platoon #801', but the people of the planet call them 'Condition Green'."

That is AMAZINGLY coherent English for a Japanese product, isn't it? And the picture quality on these disks was pretty good too - no bad cuts, not too dark or noisy. Some occasional slight jitter, nothing I considered worth filtering for, and some minor rainbowing, which I knocked out. So, enjoy. Max bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.

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