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Name:[PPP-Raw] Every Day is Sunday 1-6Date:2016-03-19, 14:33 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Every Day is Sunday 1-6


I've been capturing a lot of serious and/or dark stuff lately, so I figured it was time to mix it up a bit. The existing captures of this looked terrible, and were in a terrible format. Hopefully this is a bit better, though this one has some really jerky pans. Can't do much about it myself. Maybe somebody more experienced can.

Let's talk about the title - the actual show title. In the original Japanese, it is "Mainichi ga Nichiyobi". Some of the episodes have an English title in the opening: "Everyday Seems Sunday." However, bear in mind that nine times out of ten, if you see random English writing in Japan, it is for style and for style only. They don't give a crap if the translation is accurate, and it usually shows. If we went by the LD boxset, we'd be calling Armor Hunter Mellowlink, "Leechers Army Merolink". Ugh.

I don't know who originally subtitled the first two episodes back in the pre-digital days, but they did the world no favors by calling it "Everyday is Sunday." While I am willing to forgive a Japanese person for playing with English to be stylish, I am not so willing to forgive native English speakers for grammatical errors in subtitles. The word "everyday" is an adjective, describing something that happens commonly. You might use it like, "This was an everyday event." If you want to describe something that literally happens on each day of any given week, you say "every day". If you're ever confused, here is a simple test: If you can insert a second adjective between "every" and "day", they are two separate words. For example, "Every single day."

I blame Morrisey for this.

Kodocha Anime went on to subtitle the remaining four episodes, along with the then-rare first two episodes, but they carried on the "Everyday" error in the title. So, that's what this title came to be commonly known as. But its wrong. I would encourage anybody who wants to subtitle from my rip to correct this long-standing error and go with the grammatically correct title, "Every Day is Sunday."

Anyhow, you're reading advice from a guy who doesn't type his release notes in a proper word processor and doesn't spellcheck it afterwards, so whatever. Point is, enclosed are filtered x264 conversions as well as raw max-bitrate DVD conversions.

On x265: I tried experimenting with x265 again. It worked out better than last time, in that this time I actually got output. However, the
resulting file was quite a bit larger than the x264 version. Either I don't know how to use it well, or it still isn't quite ready, or a little of both.

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Thank you.

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