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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Super Sentai V-Cinema & The Movie 1996-2005 (BD + DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2016-07-02, 15:07 UTC
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New raws of all features and extras included in the Super Sentai V-Cinema & The Movie 1996-2005.

This box is complete. Not only does it have all the features and everything included on the DVD releases, it also has all content from any bonus discs, and any seperately released making-of DVDs.


Ohranger VS Kakuranger
Carranger VS Ohranger
Megaranger VS Carranger
Gingaman VS Megaranger
GoGoV movie
GoGoV VS Gingaman
Timeranger VS GoGoV
Gaoranger VS Super Sentai
Gaoranger movie
Hurricaneger movie
Hurricaneger VS Gaoranger
Abaranger movie
Abaranger VS Hurricaneger
Dekaranger movie
Dekaranger VS Abaranger

Now, here's the rundown:

Stuff that's actual HD

This stuff is from actual HD masters, though it isn't really worth full 1080p due to the type of film it was shot on.

Gaoranger movie (and trailers)
Hurricaneger movie (and trailers)
Abaranger movie (and trailers)
Dekaranger movie (and trailers)

All image files
All video data files
(These were all redone in HD, and as it's mostly digital graphics, I've kept them in full 1920x1080)

Stuff that's upscaled, but from better masters than the DVDs

When these were released on DVD, Toei just used the same field-blended analog transfers they used for the VHS and LD releases. At some point, they made new 480p digital transfers of the film, which they upscaled for this release, rather than making actual HD transfers. I've encoded these at 720p.

Ohranger VS Kakuranger
Carranger VS Ohranger
Megaranger VS Carranger
Gingaman VS Megaranger
GoGoV movie
GoGoV VS Gingaman

I also used these new transfers to remake the Battle Selections and Super Videos, as the originals are made from the same blended transfers on the DVD releases. (The super videos have a few seconds that I upscaled from the originals on the BD box's bonus disc)

Stuff that's upscaled from the same masters the DVDs used

This is all stuff that was made in 480i, or sourced from old analog transfers. Either way, Toei upscaled this to 1080i. Fuck that shit. Instead of ugly upscales, I've made new raws from the DVDs.

Ohranger VS Kakuranger promo
Carranger VS Ohranger promo
Megaranger VS Carranger promo
Gingaman VS Megaranger promo
GoGoV movie promo
GoGoV VS Gingaman promo
Timeranger VS GoGoV (and promo)
Gaoranger VS Super Sentai (and promos)
Hurricaneger VS Gaoranger (and promos)
Abaranger VS Hurricaneger (and promo)
Dekaranger VS Abaranger (anb promo)

Stuff that was made in SD that Toei kept in SD

All the stuff on the bonus disc was made in SD originally, and Toei actually kept it in SD on the Bluray. I wish they'd handled all of the SD-sourced stuff like this.

Special cases

Abaranger movie TV Spots:
Toei fucked up the color on the BD. What I've done is take the B/W data from the Bluray, and combined it with the color from the DVD.

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