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Name:[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 05 [E2DC86E8].mkvDate:2016-08-05, 14:52 UTC
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The joint project between /m/subs and TSHS continues. After a somewhat shaky start, we're now starting to see definite improvements in some of the artwork, particularly in keyframes drawn by Yasuomi Umetsu. The stories are improving as well, and this one is particularly good. It's the anniversary of the founding of Galactic Patrol, and all the planets with Patrol squads are celebrating. Admiral Haynes needs to attend the festivities on Dzoara, a planet that was an important ally during the time when one of the Patrols most famous principles was laid forth. Dzoara is in conflict now, and its leader has explained to Haynes how important it is for him to appear at their anniversary festivities for a show of unity (i.e. he doesn't want them to "Dzoarexit" from the Patrol). We get some great flashbacks to the early days of the Patrol, including how Gary Kinnison was right alongside Admiral Haynes in the early days, but retired after being injured saving Haynes' life.

Big thanks to sky79, starseeker, Marty Mcflies, Ametuchi, Shidoni, and Crush-Zombie. And of course an extra-special shoutout to Alrow for providing the ultr-rare laserdisc source.

As I've mentioned a few times in the comments, I'm just as excited to see every new episode subtitled as the rest of you are. In fact, if you are under 30, I have wanted to see this series subtitled for longer than you have been on this planet.

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2016-08-05 at 16:28 UTC
Thanks for doing this. It's this kind of things/work which is for me the true spirit of the fansubs like it was in the begining 20, 25 years ago: Allowing to discover some rare stuff.
2016-08-05 at 18:58 UTC
For these LDs at japanese auctions go crazy bids up to a bloody fight. But in the online stores you can find it... sometimes.
2016-08-06 at 20:17 UTC
Well I read the books when I was on middleschool in the 70's My father's father own the original first edtion hardbacks of both this and the Skylark series. Some of the books were even signed by EE Doc Smith himself... I am enjoying this immensely! :-) I do have the model of the Britannia that came out in the 80s still...

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