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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Masked Rider Kuuga (BD + DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2016-08-19, 20:18 UTC
Submitter:FortMax [Subscribe]Seeders:6
Stardom:Only 3 fans.File size:23.86 GiB
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Torrent description:

New raws for Masked Rider Kuuga. Includes all content from the Blurays, DVDs, and the PV from the Music Video Rider PV.

Now, Kuuga is a bit of a mess video-wise. Despite being shot in 1080i, the entire show was edited letterboxed in SD, effectively making the show about 704x360i. To make things worse, the DVDs used bad composite transfers of the original component masters. Now, the Blurays took the component masters, cropped them, and upscaled them to 1080i. I usually don't bother with upscaled, but the original DVDs are terrible, so I've encoded all the upscaled stuff in 480. (most episodes are 848 by 480, but some may be narrower depending on how much was cropped)

The only thing to escape this mess is the Special Edition, which, aside from the OP and three shots, was edited in HD from the original 1080i footage.

Here's the rundown (everything is 60fps unless otherwise stated):

Actual HD:
Kuuga Special Edition (720, includes Grongi subs in pgs format resized from the Bluray)
Masked Rider Kuuga PV (1080, 24fps)
All stuff made for the Bluray boxes (1080, 30fps)

Bluray upscales (all are encoded at 480)
Episodes 1-50 (All except for 20, 49 and 50 include Grongi subs in pgs format resized from the Bluray)
Hyper Battle Video
Battle Selections (rebuilt from episodes)

Sourced from Bluray (Kept in SD, use same composite masters as DVDs)
DVD interviews
Promos (Main)
Promos (EX)
Previews (Gift and Campaign)
New Program Trailers

Sourced from DVD:
Special Edition Launch Event
Promos (30-second)
Promos (30-second Textless)
Previews (Unaired 30-second)

Special Cases:
New Year's Special: 480, same sort of masters as the regular episodes. However, the Bluray version didn't include eps 17, 31, or the 30-second preview for episode 47. Because of that, I had to upscale about 8 seconds of footage from the DVD. Includes Grongi subs in pgs format resized from the bluray.

Episode 0: End card is from DVD, remainder is from Bluray. Fully sourced from composite masters.

Toei Channel Spotlight: upscaled from SD source on Bluray, encoded at 720x540. Superimposed timecodes because >Toei

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User comments:

2016-08-20 at 04:18 UTC
Just a heads-up that you left the PGS subtitles at 1080 resolution, whereas the video is encoded at 480p. For players that ignore this discrepancy, it means the subtitles appear completely off-screen and are unreadable. BDSup2Sub can make the appropriate adjustments to the sub files, or use a player that will recognize the incorrect subtitle resolution and scale it down.
2016-08-20 at 04:30 UTC
Er, I take that back. Loading the files into BDS2S says they're 720x480, and it appears it's just the default flag not being set that made them not appear since selecting them manually works. I'm so used to raw groups not adjusting the resolution that I jumped the gun on that comment. Sorry! Keep up the great work!
2016-08-21 at 03:22 UTC
Yeah. I resized them and shifted them to the side to account for the encode not being anamorphic. And I don't have them enabled by default because they're mega spoilers and the show didn't have that stuff translated when it first aired.
2016-08-21 at 03:34 UTC
(er, shifted them and stretched them horizontally to account for the video not being anamorphic)
2016-08-21 at 03:59 UTC
Actually this is the best quality so far. Can you suggest me where to find the english subtitle for this one?
2016-08-21 at 18:48 UTC
English subs from MCS:!q40lnDpK!D1iY4Qh7ZgRYOAaORiAEvYu_hQtuPHZx4sSUCQz8t2A

And thanks again, FortMax, you really are doing brilliant work here as always.
2016-08-22 at 08:07 UTC
Thank you for the info, nomakewan. Really appreciate it.
And once again, thank you FortMax for this great work. :)
2016-10-08 at 23:35 UTC
Please seed #654699
2016-10-09 at 16:02 UTC
Please seed #653942
2016-10-09 at 16:39 UTC
Please seed #592380

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