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Name:[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 06 [9EBE44BC].mkvDate:2016-09-09, 11:23 UTC
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More Lensman TV series fun from TSHS and /m/subs. Picking up from where the last episode left off, Admiral Haynes and gang arrive at the planet Dzoara in time for the Galactic Patrol squad anniversary celebrations, and decide do some sightseeing. They visit a monument to the planet's greatest heroes: Reno and Ruri, a married couple who were instrumental in fighting off Boskone's first invasion of the planet. Kim and Chris are invited on a tour of the inside of a weird organic spaceship, with telekinetic pilots that meld with the ship both physically and mentally. But Morou's recent defeat in hyperspace does not mean he has given up on Helmuth's orders to defeat the Lensman...

Both artwork and storytelling continue to improve with this episode. The clumsy attempts to move the Kim/Chris romance forward (in both the movie and TV series) kinda made me cringe up to this point, but this is the first episode where they actually seem to get it right.

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