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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Masked Rider Amazon (BD + DVD) (720p,10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2016-10-29, 14:19 UTC
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Torrent description:

New Bluray-sourced raws for Masked Rider Amazon.

Contains all 24 episodes, the series preview, and all other extras.

So, Toei finally did a Bluray release of one of the Masked Rider shows that got stuck with DVDs that used old-ass analog telecines. Guess they finally ran out of stuff made in SD to upscale.

Anyway, all 24 episodes and the series preview are encoded in 720p. New content (and the remade data files and concept art images) are all 1080. The one thing I sourced from the DVDs is the Kondora commercial, as the Bluray upscaled the same master the DVD uses. But hey, at least the people making the Rider blurays finally learned how to keep 24p material in 24p when upscaling it.

Video: 10-bit x264
Audio: AAC

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2016-10-29 at 14:47 UTC

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