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Name:[PPP-Raw] TWD Express - Rolling TakeoffDate:2016-11-17, 00:48 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

TWD Express - Rolling Takeoff


Project notes:

This was a bit of a mess. The tl;dr version: Badly made disc was destroyed while capturing it.

Most anime laserdiscs were made by a handful of companies. Some of the more prominent ones you may have seen include VAP Video, Emotion, Sony, Pioneer, and Columbia. Every once in a while though, you'll come across discs made by weird fly-by-night companies. For example, Condition Green was made by "Super Home Screen," who did a really good job. TWD is made by "Shochiku Video Disc," who did a fairly bad job.

I have never seen a title that had as much aliasing as this. Like, anything that isn't a perfectly straight line is completely jagged. Oh, I fixed it, mostly. I just don't know how you DO that to begin with. Severe cross-chroma noise ("rainbows"), which I was not 100% successful in knocking out. A case of the jitters, again, not 100% corrected. It has similar "line glimmer" problems like Nora did, though not as bad. Maybe that was a common problem with mid-80s material? Amazingly, no laser rot that I noticed, so I'll give them points there.

In any event, I finished the capture, and when I removed the disk from the player, the disc sundered.

LDs are kinda like two giant CDs glued together. If they are made properly, they should outlive you or I. This disc was, clearly, NOT properly made. The two layers split apart. I kinda stuck them back together, but I don't doubt dust got in there, which will absolutely cause rot to begin. Not that I would ever risk putting it into a player again.

Raw max bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.

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