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Name:[Kametsu] Free! Eternal Summer + Special (BD 720p Hi10 AAC) [Dual-Audio]Date:2016-12-26, 02:25 UTC
Submitter:Koby [Subscribe]Seeders:0
Information:Site | Community | IRC ChannelDownloads:1537
Stardom:8 fans.File size:7.98 GiB
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
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Torrent description:

File Size: ~585 MB @ 720p (1280x720)
File Extension: .mkv, h264 10-bit [Commie]
Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 AAC
Audio Track 2: Japanese 2.0 AAC
Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs & Songs (.ASS)
Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue [Commie] (.ASS)

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User comments:

2016-12-26 at 06:13 UTC
Thanks! Any plans for the movie? Or you guys won't do it until an English version comes out?
2016-12-26 at 06:17 UTC
Etzimal did both seasons of Free!, so I assume he's likely to do the movie as well at some point. However it will most likely not happen until the dub exists and most likely only in 720p. He likes to do shows no one else on the team has any interest in. \o/
2016-12-26 at 13:33 UTC
I'd probably do the movie in both res, since it is a movie.

Probably utilizing Commie, if they do it.

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