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Name:[LostYears] Alderamin on the Sky - 09-10 [Dual] [WEB 720p Hi10 AAC]Date:2016-12-31, 04:17 UTC
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Video and Subtitle Source: Kantai
Created Signs/Song track & sync'd English audio

Episode 09 - The Fate of a Small Honor

The war against the mountain people continues, and the imperial forces are about to make one last march to their final staging ground. The incompetent imperial commanders pick a route that leaves their flanks exposed to an attack..

Episode 10 - La Saia Alderamin

The Sinack have been subdued, but the Imperial Army finds that it's been caught in a trap! A huge army from the Aldera nation has crossed the supposedly-impassable northern mountains, and threatens to overwhelm the exhausted Imperial forces.

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