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Name:[Ohys-Raws] Heavy Object [BD][Scripts][KOTEX].7zDate:2017-01-12, 04:59 UTC
Submitter:kotex [Subscribe]Seeders:0
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Torrent description:

Unofficial english subtitle scripts for Heavy Object encoded by Ohys-Raws


Based on SallySubs, brought to you by KOTEX again.

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User comments:

2017-01-12 at 06:41 UTC
Thank you!
2017-01-12 at 07:20 UTC
You're welcome. ^_^
2017-01-15 at 05:43 UTC
Thanks man!

Can I have a request? Can you do Kara no Kyoukai and Aoki Hagane? Both series have their BD's out for a while now, and there's no one doing any subs for the BD.

Either way thanks for the amazing share as always!!
2017-01-18 at 04:33 UTC

Sorry for late reply, Kara no Kyoukai have already finished by Beatrice.

And all complete set of Aoki Hanage have been finished by kuchikirukia too.

I think you maybe asked for Ohys but I don't have both in my PC, I tried to search and download them but both of them are nearly inactive torrents

Sorry I cannot help you so much, but I think, it better to recommend you to switch to others group. ^_^

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