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Name:AMV Collection v 3.0 (2002-2016)Date:2017-02-19, 20:00 UTC
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This is my personal collection of AMVs, collected between 2002 and 2016.

Most of these videos were downloaded from contains more than 202,000 AMVs now, so my collection is a very small part of various authors works.

Most authors have other works besides videos collected here.
You can find and download their videos if you want.

About this release:
Files are divided into two large groups because it was easier to me.
There is rather peculiar system in .xls lists but in general everything is simple.
The table is made in 5x4 data format because this is my monitor's aspect ratio.
Ratings here are subjective. [2/3/4 +] means [nice/good/best], I rated them this way for myself.
Anime titles are given in Japanese transcription.
No information about winners of various AMV-contests here,
but some info & links - in the archive ''AMV Contest & etc (short link).rar''

Quality of videos from the beginning of the 2000s is greatly improved:
early standard was 320х240/640x360 MPEG1-DiVX-XViD, now it is 1280x720/H264 and 1920x1080/HEVC.
Also capability of video editors is upgraded; therefore many old AMVs may look worse both visually and technically.
However old videos moved into category of classics/oldschool.

A separate file with a basic list of clips can be downloaded here:

(MS Excel format) -> LINK

P.S. - missing information about the music; add it yourself and rename to ''AnimeMusicVideos__ALL_fixed.xls'':

№346 Black Sun Productions_-_Nightmare Evangelion/ ++++ / A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Lke Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
* Member: MousePotato (Studio: Black Sun Productions)
* Winner: 1'st place at the 2005 Otakon AMV contest for the Serious/Dramatic category

№983 istiv_-_The Race Various/ +++ / Weezer - Island in the Sun & Wiseguys - Ooh La La!
* Winner: Anime USA (Vienna, 2005) - Viewer's Choice Award, Upbeat Runner-Up. Connichi AMV Contest (Kassel, 2005) - Best Fun
* Anime Week-end Atlanta XI Pro Contest (Atlanta, 2005) - Best Fun, Best Technical, Best in Show. AC Cubed (Ottawa, 2005) - Best Overall

№2173 SuperYEpower_-_Dragonfly Spirited Away/ +++ / - Dragonfly

Almost all of M@Ds in this archive are old (2005-2008), and there is very few of them.
For purely technical reasons there are almost no videos from the bilibili and nicovideo.
You won't find massively spread Youtube videos* here.

*Unfortunately, due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of videos uploaded on YouTube appallingly are low level,
and these absolutely illiterate crafts numbering going beyond hundreds of thousands,
to denote this kind of video creativity in the community of video creators I entered the term "Youtube-style".
At the same time, due to the convenience of the online video service, number of video views on YouTube
is now steadily by 3 orders of magnitude greater than the number of downloads of files for later viewing on your computer.
Taking in account the transition predominantly to the use of smart phones and mobile Internet, online viewing becomes simply no alternative.
Emphasizing endemic reuploading of someone’s else movies onto own channels, to enlarge and promote rating of own channels.

Due that facts, almost all good videomakers (for except for the Asian segment of the Internet -
currently have their own pages/channels on YouTube, and some authors began to upload videos only there.
However, all experienced in the subject users, usually give link to download the original (unencoded by YouTube) file of the video.

logo - original art by keepout from pixiv:

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