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Name:GameCenter.CX.194.Wizards.and.Warriors.FANSUB.720p.60fps.HDTV.x264-LCxVRiS.mkvDate:2017-03-20, 01:14 UTC
Submitter:BoboJavelinsky [Subscribe]Seeders:32
Information: and http://gccxraws.blogspot.comDownloads:3502
Stardom:8 fans.File size:2.02 GiB
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Release...: 03.19.17
Airdate...: 02.05.15
Title.....: GameCenter CX 194: Wizards & Warriors
Size......: 2.02 gigs
Source.......: SOFCJ, 1440x1080i@60 MPEG-2 .TS
Video specs..: x264 @ 4732.36 kbps | CRF 18 | 60000/1001fps | 1280×720p
Audio specs..: Japanese 2.0 - --> AAC / 255 kbit (copied, header change [adts --> asc])
Subtitles....: ASS, soft sub — Translated by DarknessSavior (LC / Lazarus / LC-GCCX), Timed/Typeset by JD (BoboJavelinsky / gccxraws / Rawz / VRiSFAGS)
Runtime......: 00:57:59.976

Thanks due to aers, Tenzinn (tzn), SOFCJ, Ayase-tan, and all anonymous providers of transport streams for continuing to make high-quality GameCenter CX releases possible.

Special thanks to DarknessSavior, AKA LC, for endeavoring to translate the timed and typeset script. Other translators are always welcome.

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User comments:

2017-03-20 at 01:53 UTC
Remember that if you're going to use MadVR as your renderer then you have to use XySubFilter as the subtitle renderer. Otherwise, colors won't match the way they're supposed to (MadVR will upscale chroma and luma of the episode but not the subtitles. With xy-subfilter the subtitles will be processed the same way).
2017-03-20 at 04:50 UTC
As a reminder to SA-GCCX, and to repeat earlier statements, it's possible to hardsub an episode at a quality equal to the raw you're working with. I have the original .TS files for all encoded raws, as well as the .AVS files that describe the proper cutting and filtering. Then the .ASS can be TextSub()ed onto the resulting output. This would require communication, however. Think on it.
2017-03-20 at 18:40 UTC
Thank you to everyone for bringing us a newly translated episode! And thank you for the constant stream of quality raw files so fans outside of Japan can stay current.
2017-03-20 at 23:54 UTC
BurgerTrench, a pleasure as always. Episode #236, the season finale, is churning out now and will be out later tonight/today (thanks to Tenzinn for source of course).

To SA's emissary TeaJay or any others, someone there will surely know what's going on about the comments. Get at me for the ability to make your upcoming releases at the quality the material deserves (encoded only once from source, not subbed onto the raw but rather the sub itself created as if it were a raw). Or consider soft-subbing onto the raw in order to avoid the intermediary. Take this episode and the earlier 3 remakes as example. It's all self-contained in the video container file.
2017-03-21 at 00:33 UTC
As another note to SA, seeing as the earlier remake episodes are appreciated, more old low-definition episodes could be upgraded given communication and data-sharing as well. Optical character recognition and doing all the signs by hand from scratch is harder than using the original .ass file in order to improve the episode. Embrace the quality.
2017-03-21 at 04:55 UTC
Thank you guys so much for this. I never thought I would see a new episode again. I can't wait for more!

2017-03-21 at 22:44 UTC
wow, I thought I would never see fansubbed GCCX again.

thanx for picking up the torch
2017-03-22 at 01:16 UTC
Thanks are definitely appreciated by both involved. I believe LC is glad to be translating again, even if life is busier than before (making translating more difficult from a logistical standpoint).

Internet broke down all last night, but episode 236 is now going up in raw form as promised above. Located here #910259

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