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Name:[LostYears] Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - 06 (WEB 1080p Hi10 AAC) [Dual-Audio]Date:2017-03-20, 14:24 UTC
Submitter:NeutralHatred [Subscribe]Seeders:11
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
Playback help is right here. :3

Torrent description:

Sync'd English audio with DameDesuYo's release and created a Signs/Songs track. This episode has the improved English audio that FUNi is very slowly releasing with new episodes.

Leave a comment or message me on Kametsu if there are any issues with the video.

I somehow forgot to change the language of the signs track to English. If you use MPC-HC, you won't see an issue. If you use VLC and have it set to default tracks set to "English", it'll select the Full Subtitles track instead.

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2017-03-20 at 18:23 UTC
Thanks a bunch!

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