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Name:[Cleo] Youjo Senki | Saga of Tanya the Evil [Dual Audio 10bit 720p][HEVC-x265]Date:2017-04-21, 03:12 UTC
Submitter:VCleo [Subscribe]Seeders:42
Stardom:7 fans.File size:1.4 GiB
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2017-04-21 at 03:54 UTC
hey genius if you are going to rip other people off for profit at-least remember to add attachments to your trash.
2017-04-21 at 04:16 UTC
>anime torrents
>for profit
2017-04-21 at 04:23 UTC
@dragoncb234 You do know that the whole orange theme for the torrent implies that its a re-encode. I am not trying to take credit for others work. The orange is my way of implying that this originated from someone else's work. In this case 'Beave', whose encodes are really good.
2017-04-21 at 04:24 UTC
2017-04-21 at 04:28 UTC
2017-04-21 at 04:41 UTC
Apparently according to his comments on his blog site, he hides links behind paywall links in order to earn a payday from people clicking on the links for his re-encodes in which he rarely actually lists credits for the sources utilized.

Well it's just the nice/respectful thing to actually list the sources as credit in the descriptions as nearly every other re-encoder does. Check DeadFish/BakedFish/SpaceFish for example.

Also get your sources correct. This is definitely not a re-encode of Beave, who was only a direct FUNi-rip with hardsubbed signs. This is clearly a re-encode of my work under [LostYears]. But yeah as mentioned by the other guy above, you've forgotten to re-add all the attached fonts, so the subtitles are out of whack.
2017-04-21 at 06:47 UTC
And yet, people are still swarming to download this garbage.

#FansubbingIsDying #PeopleAreStupid
2017-04-21 at 10:06 UTC
If people can DECENTLY rip videos like THESE in LOW GIG BDRIPS in 720p then no one would look at it...the lowest decent rips I`ve seen are from [Jacob] and it is still TOO yeah people will APPRECIATE torrents like these (calling those people stupid makes you also look stupid when the downloads numbers increase)
2017-04-21 at 12:16 UTC
@Koby You're right. The source is LostYears. My bad. I got the source confused with that of boku s2. I guess its my bad that I don't mention the source in torrents. I will from now on. I meant no disrespect. I usually do mention the source in the DDL section these days. I guess I'll do that in torrents also.
@LastReaction Don't just call something stupid or garbage just cause you find no logic in it. The whole world isn't like your home town, where you have high speed unlimited internet or whatever you have. I just want to release something for those people who doesn't have high speed to download.
And the whole "money" thing: I get like spare change from ad links which helps in a small way to cover the server charges for encoding and seeding. Am not out there buying ferrari's n shit.
Anyway don't hate. That's all. And thanks to dragoncb234 and koby for mentioning that font attachments thing. I guess megui doesn't do it by itself.
2017-04-21 at 19:23 UTC
Missing font attachments and not releasing a v2 to fix it + not crediting your release properly = automatic trash. Yeah, VCleo finally acknowledged that he doesn't credit his releases properly once people started calling him out on his BS. I can guarantee you he wouldn't if this never happened.

And as for the paywall links: it doesn't matter how much you're making, its the fact that you're trying to make money at all off of something that is supposed to be 100% free for everyone. Who the hell does that? You're the first person I've heard in this community that does something stingy like that. XD

HorribleSubs has the most downloads on almost every show they pick up, but does that mean its the best quality release available all of the time? Hell no. People are clueless when it comes to this stuff and will download whatever they see is the smallest file size or the fastest to come out without even thinking twice on whether or not its good quality or if it's even done correctly. This is why I say that fansubbing is dying, and people are stupid.

But you're right, me calling people out makes me look stupid because, you know, I don't know anything about fansubbing or encoding for that matter. /sarcasm
2017-04-22 at 02:02 UTC
@LastReaction Like I said, I do mention the source in my ddl section but unfortunately I didn't in the torrents. And the money thing, are you saying that animetorrents, kametsu, nyaa or whatever major site doesn't make money either from ads or donations? They do, cause it helps in covering server charges.And there is nothing wrong with that. There is no need for someone to take on the whole bill, when every small contribution (whether its from ads or donations) can help lessen the burden.
And I am not gonna reply anymore cause we both know neither of us are gonna change our opinions. And this conversation will keep being unproductive af.
Btw you fansub and encode? I haven't seen your work then (Not trying to be rude, just genuinely curious). I always thought you were an uploader on animetorrents. Anyway good luck on your subbing n what not. Later.
2017-04-22 at 04:11 UTC
Did you seriously just try to compare a small release group's website with paywall links to torrent tracker websites and a forum? (Kametsu doesn't even have ads on their website! lol)

You can easily opt out of ads by using an ad blocker extension, and donations are exactly that: donations... which are not forced on the user and is completely optional as opposed to your paywall links, where a user has no other choice but to click on your link if they're on your website.

I figured you were going to stop replying after a certain point, its pretty difficult to handle when people call you out on numerous wrongdoings.
2017-04-25 at 08:24 UTC
I just feel bad for the idiots that pay access to get behind that paywall..... what is worse than downloading shit like this, paying for shit like this. kek

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