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Name:Anime Icons - Spring Season Update 2017 V2Date:2017-04-21, 04:43 UTC
Submitter:Petey [Subscribe]Seeders:7
Information:http://DUDE WEED LMAODownloads:892
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:119.8 MiB
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Torrent description:

Spring season update to the icon pack. These are .ico files you can apply to your folders to make them look spiffy. While using them for folders is the main purpose, feel free to use the icons for anything else.

The icon matcher (by serenity !29TgfcZgPU) is also included, which automatically matches icons to folders using a variety of criteria. The icon matcher was recently updated to use Kitsu's API (previously Hummingbird) so this should help with searching online for alternate spellings.

The only other difference between this update and the previous update other than the new icon matcher API is the Frame Arms Girl alternate icon and the fixed Rilu Rilu Fairlu - Mahou no Kagami icon.

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User comments:

2017-04-21 at 05:51 UTC
can u make a video tutorial how to use this?
2017-04-21 at 12:29 UTC
First, you need to unzip those 7z files using winrar or 7-zip.

Then, automatically, using the exe he gave there.
1. To make sure more icon get attached. Right click on the folder that you keep your folders that you want to change their icons. In my case, 'My Anime' folder. Untick the Read-only box.
2. Run the .exe.
3. Click the choose box next to Anime folder:
4. Locate 'My Anime' folder, click ok
5. Click the choose box next to Icon folder:
6. Locate the folder extracted from 'Anime Icons - April 20, 2017.7z', click ok
7. Click match icon.
8. For titles shown in red, they have 2 or more icons matching. Click on them to choose which one you want.
9. Click set icons. Click ok.
10. You might need to close all windows explorer, then open them again to see that the folders' icon is now changed

Some might not get change because your folder name and the icon name need to match
So now, manually,
1. Right click on the folder that you want to change its icon. If there's an 'Open folder location' option, click that first. If no, click Properties.
2. Click Customize tab
3. Click Change Icon
4. Click Browse
5. Locate the icon you want. Within the previously extracted folders obviously.
6. Click Open. Click OK. Click OK.

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