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Name:Cat Girl Kiki - Legend of the Doll - Pretty Maid Cafe (2006-7) DVDRip AAC x264Date:2017-04-21, 10:40 UTC
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originally up'd this trilogy on adc and cg many years ago. they aren't all seeded now, but for someone who wanted them I made a x264 rip. Japanese audio. English soft subs. they contain a bit of nudity but are pretty tame and low budget. each is about 60-70 minutes.

cat girl kiki
Cat Girl Kiki (萌えキュン@MOVIE 猫耳少女キキ, Moekyun@Movie Nekomimi Shojo Kiki). Part of the Akihabara trilogy. (Tag: From the producer of Shall we dance? and Gamera.) Yoshiro is a lonely introvert who is stuck in a rut. Every day is drab and boring until he finds an abondoned kitten and brings it home. The next morning Yoshiro discovers that the kitten had transformed into a beautiful girl named Kiki! Too bad she has cat ears and scratches up the furniture. It seems like a match made in heaven but what's the secret behind Kiki's sudden appearance and what does it mean for Yoshiro's chance at a normal life

legend of the doll
Legend of the Doll could only come out of the ideals and culture that comes from Akihabara and the people that dwell there. This film is about a normal man in his early 20s named Ryouta. He lines up for action figures, has strange friends, and enjoys watching anime and building models. One day out of chance, Ryouta achieves his lifelong dream when he finally completes his collection with a rare action figure at a shop in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara shopping district. He rushes home with the figure and quickly assembles it. To Ryouta’s surprise and total delight, his new action figure comes to life and isn’t wearing much clothing. Her name is Airu and she is now a real living girl – a girl with eyes only for her new “Master,” Ryouta. Surely you can take it from there

pretty maid café
Pretty Maid Cafe (萌えキュン@MOVIE 恋するメイドカフェ, Moekyun@Movie: Koisuru Maid Cafe). Hideki is depressed over the sorry state of his love life and career. That is, until his best friend Komura takes him to a maid cafe where he meets a beautiful maid named Misaki. Hideki falls for her instanly and, in a desperate attempt to impress her, he asks her on a go fishing? Will he be undone by this tragic blunder or will true love prevail? The last of the akihabara trilogy.

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