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English-translatedTransformers: Scramble City - The Mobilization - Karyuudo FansubsDL1.23 GiB818224
English-translatedRurouni Kenshin New Kyoto Arc Special Edition [BluRay] るろうに剣心 新京都編 特別版 - Karyuudo FansubsDL29.25 GiB4012136
English-translatedBeast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation (ビーストウォーズメタルス コンボイ大変身) - Karyuudo FansubsDL2.36 GiB3016143
English-translatedBeast Wars II / Beast Wars Special - Karyuudo FansubsDL17.98 GiB5325777
RawBeast Wars Returns - Super Lifeforms Transformers DVD Box Set [Karyuudo Fansubs RAW]DL37.7 GiB1411516
RawBeast Wars Metals - Super Lifeforms Transformers DVD Box Set [Karyuudo Fansubs RAW]DL27.19 GiB0613452
RawBeast Wars - Super Lifeforms Transformers DVD Box Set [Karyuudo Fansubs RAW]DL32.61 GiB0914183
RawTransformers Robots in Disguise (2001) DVD Box Sets 1 + 2DL40.61 GiB018805
English-translatedRurouni Kenshin + Deleted Scenes (2012) - Karyuudo FansubsDL10.77 GiB1015836
English-translatedRurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend - Karyuudo FansubsDL13.17 GiB3018672
Idol/Promotional VideoUtada United 2006 (WOWOW 720p) - Karyuudo FansubsDL3.45 GiB1036951
RawSuper Robot Lifeforms Transformers The Movie + 2010 Box SetDL42.51 GiB2118814
RawSuper Robot Lifeforms Transformers Box Set 2 (Japanese Audio Only)DL34.17 GiB2213326
RawSuper Robot Lifeforms Transformers Box Set 1DL37.03 GiB4112588
English-translatedRurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire (Karyuudo Fansubs)DL13.52 GiB20221413
English-translatedTransformers: Legends of the Microns [The Ultimate Collection] - Karyuudo FansubsDL14.9 GiB40300315
English-translatedTransformers Zone (Complete Collection) - Karyuudo FansubsDL689 MiB20199564
English-translatedTransformers Car Robots v2 + New Extras - Karyuudo FansubsDL519 MiB2014531
English-translatedTransformers Car Robots - Karyuudo FansubsDL9.03 GiB20312313
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